Sword of the Stars: The Pit Wiki


December 2013

  • Thank you so much for all the updates so far. The wiki's trafic is as healthy as ever, and even once the Gold Edition hype has slowed down, I suspect we'll still have many more visitors than before. A special thanks to our admins: Ninja code wizard 'Luveluen (for coming back during this busy period), and to Nspace for his genuine interest in improving our little corner. There are many more members/lurkers to which I'd like to give a shout-out; Pfanne, Djparadroid, Profound Darkness, Odin ' '& others!'
  • Happy new year in advance, and whatever time you guys have to spare on the wiki is greatly appreciated for this month. We're slowly but surely filling out all the new stuff introduced by Gold, and the Ingredients page is being re-organised. It will be finished sooner or later; reformating or writing big articles in one swoop is simply a luxury that I don't have the time to afford at the moment, but I know we'll get there! Compared to 6 months ago, the wiki has made incredible progress. Thanks again!

November 2013

  • Welcome back!The Pit: Gold Edition has just been released, which marks a new beginning in everybody's favorite Sci-Fi Roguelike. The focus this time around is on giving more class choices, more detailed equipment and just making the game all-around awesome and deeper, under it's charming (and deadly) surface. There probably won't be a need to create new pages on the wiki for it, like we had to for Psionics.
  • If you enjoy challenging RPGs and would be interested in supporting a large scope, more traditional project,check out the Lords of Xulima Kickstarter. If you've enjoyed franchises like Ultima, Might&Magic, Wizardry or Baldur's Gate... this isometric view indie RPG innovates a lot of old-school features.

October 2013

  • SotS:Groundpounders makes smashing debut on IndieGoGo with half-full funding in a day! If you want to see the SotSverse return to it's war & strategy roots with a bang, come help us supporters make stretch goals! There's a cool intro video this time, too! Check it out.
  • Still looking for valiant Hiver workers willing to help update and finish the follow articles with info / pictures: Food, Ingredients, Equipment & Tools.
  • Article categories were added throughout the whole wiki to facilitate navigating from one end of an article to another related one. Some users also just do their browsing that way. Credit to Nspace  for the idea and part of the work!

September 2013

  • Do you like the SotS franchise ? Did you like The Pit, and feel the developpers behind it are worth supporting ? Make sure to check out their latest project's fundraiser. The art, gameplay and manpower behind Kerberos' 2nd project as an indie developper shows their dedication to making their place in the game industry. It's going strong for all of September 2013, and every pledge counts !
  • Almost running out of articles to create / complete, which is a good thing ! This month will be focused on adding pictures to various pages. Got some ideas for photos that would fit in here but don't know how to insert them in articles ? Don't worry about it, just upload them and it will be taken care of. Make sure to name your photo properly, or contact an admin about which article you'd like it to go in.

August 2013

  • It looks like the SotS: The Pit Wiki has recently become respectable enough to be listed on the game developer's official forums  . On behalf of everybody who has ever sought out a solid source of information for this game, I'd like to say: thank you. Unfortunately, there's also bad news: the co-admin who nearly single-handedly kept this wiki alive during and before July, Luveluen, has moved on to bigger things. We owe him many of the website's navigation features, templates, table formats and information. I'm sure he still spies on us from time to time, but if you'd like to have admin rights to do advanced editing, please leave a message on Vaneesh's wall.
  • August is here, and with it comes a period of stability for our beloved game ; the post-release "patch rush" for Mindgames will be slowing down, and any form of "exploit" left in the game is about to get ironed out. This also means we can begin adding information to the wiki without having to update it every week. If you missed out last month's Let's Get Someone Admin Rights project, you can catch up by reading the wiki blog. There's quite a lot to be done, and a cool event coming up for the most hardcore players. Stay tuned !

July 2013

  • Over a hundred new Mindgames wiki pictures  have been submited so far and the Monsters & Weapons articles have received awesome, constant new updates. Great job ! Several articles whose content mostly consisted of things already in the SotS user manual have also been revisited, such as Classes and Status Effects.
  • New Mindgames content is being summarized and compiled in the The Pit: Mindgames page. Please head there first if you wish to contribute to, or quickly browse, all the new goodies