Sword of the Stars: The Pit Wiki

Some Bio mods are applied on yourself (Mutation Serum) or onto your weapons and armors. There are different colors for bio mods, and their effects are rerolled every new game you start. In other words, just because a green Bio-mod increased your Might in one game, doesn't mean it won't have a completely different effect in another.

Inserting a +% Durability Bio-mod into a weapon or armor repairs it by an amount equal to the durability gained.

Bio Mods can be identified before use by the Analysis Console, Diagnostic Chip or the Scanning Analyzer.

It should be noted that Bio-mods of all forms cannot be stored into the purple room locker. You can, however, store items that will help you manage them in different playthroughs, such as the Bio Slug or various Identifying items.

IMPORTANT: Bio mods will NOT carry over into a new weapon including a weapon with bio mods as an ingredient. The resulting weapon will not inherit any bio mods and there will be no warning upon using a modded weapon for crafting.

Weapon bio mods[]

  • ±10% damage, stacks multiplicatively
  • ±5 penetration
  • ±10% accuracy
  • ±20% durability, stacks additively
  • ±50% durability, stacks additively
  • Pyrotechnic mod - causes each attack to attract less/more attention from distant monsters
  • Motivation mod - increases/decreases the chance of monsters attacking on their next turn. 

Armor bio mods[]

  • ±10% armor
  • ±10 might
  • ±10 finesse
  • ±20% durability
  • ±50% durability
  • +1 to Regen Rate (Health, presumably. Unsure if Mindgames or Gold)
  • Mental Stabilizer: +5 Psi Power
  • Mental Static: -10 to Psi Power (Gold)

Mutation serum[]

  • ±1-3 might
  • ±1-3 finesse
  • ±1-3 brain
  • ±5 XP health*
  •  Psionic Serum - reduces/increases your Psi points by 15.
  • ± 1-3 to all psychic skills (Neural Optimizer for +)

  • XP Health refers to the amount of health you gain from leveling up. Marines, Scouts and Engineers normally gain 25, 20, 15 health per level up respectively. This effect is not applied retroactively.

Bio slug[]

This one-time use item is inserted into a weapon or armor to remove one random Bio mod from it. You do not keep the bio-mod removed, and you use the slug in the process. You can use this to identify an unknown mod by inserting the mod right away and removing it if detrimental, but since the slug eats a random mod, this is only a real safeguard if the weapon in question has no other mods.