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General information[]

Here you will find all the items in the game who are used as ingredients. This article is a more "spoiler-light" version of the Recipes page, and can also be used when you're just starting out and wondering which ingredients tend to be required the most.

Weapons, Armors, Equipment & Ammo[]

Name Description Ingredient in
A tight weave of Morrigi superconductor fabric that can link directly to energy weapon systems.
A container of Adamantium alloy suspended in a solvent matrix that keeps it mouldable until exposed to air and dried
Liirian resonance crystals that can shift frequencies automatically.
Very high tech energy cells fuelled by molecular anti-matter.
Biotech device used to manage and program organic systems.
A collection of odds and ends from a cannon.
Shards of Hiver Chitin.
A pair of old combat boots suitable for humans.
An incredibly strong cloth made of composite materials.
This extremely strong blast containment chamber can serve a variety of purposes.
Before there were Nano-Bots...Humanity made do with duct tape!!!
A small but sturdy energy storage cell that can power a variety of smaller sized energy weapons.
An exotic organ that transmutes organic chemical energy into high energy plasma.
A small sturdy container for a hyper-reactive fuel-source.
A collection of odds and ends from a Handgun.
Absorbs damage from ballistic attacks.
This Spengler-Stanz ML-12B Laser Rifle is just entering front line service amongst Sol-Force ground and ship troops. It was designed to be superior to the venerable ML-7 Laser Carbine in every conceivable way.
A Tarka Sar made of electrified living steel that can stun a target.
Shards of Tarka living steel.
Gravimetric containers filled with complex molecules laced with Neutronium.
A set of artificial muscles used in bots and cyborgs.
Strong and incredibly fine conducting wire.
A fine super conductor weave made for cybernetic interfaces and artificial Psi defences. Resembles silvery cloth.
Small units capable of broadcasting neuronic pulses.
Advanced Liir regenerating Bio-Armor.
Powerful organ capable of emitting a variety of hormones and enzymes as needed.
An amplifier for light based devices.
An array of subatomic power storage devices.
A small, very powerful energy source.
A collection of odds and ends from a rifle.
A beautiful Tarka blade similar to a falchion. Hard for a human to use but deadly.
An animal hide combining the toughness of scale with the flexibility of leather.
Robotic control motors for the movement of limbs and weapons.
A heap of spent shell casings in various sizes.
Loads of high density pellets designed to give shotguns maximum spread while retaining hitting power.
Thin, but very strong, rods of alloyed metals.
A Sol-Force issue ship's cutlass.
A shield rod of radioactive materials.
An incredibly rare mineral that has the ability to absorb large amounts of kinetic energy.
A device that converts power into high energy X-Rays.

Foodstuffs, Healing & Usables[]

Name Description Ingredient in
Biological repository of stimulant hormones.
Long extinct fragments of medicinal plant life.
A vial of Advanced Super-Cells that can bolster an organism's resistance to disease.
Medicine that can reduce up to 2 levels of a disease instantly.
A delicious Terran fruit.
You have conquered and defeathered a mighty alien fowl.... Should probably cook it before you eat it though.
A Morrigi high fibre fruit with a passing resemblance and similar taste to Terran bananas.
Plain old baked starch. Mmmm... Glutenliscious!
Liir bioslug that can consume a sample of any organic molecule and create a larger concentrated sample. The slug is consumed in the process.
Set laser on yum! The best egg shaped treat in the galaxy!
A delicious Hiver cheese that nourishes and heals.
A piece of meat made safe to eat through the miracle of fire.
A collection of dried fruit that lasts forever and bolsters the immune system.
Tasty bulbous root growths not entirely unlike onions.
Delicious and nutritious... Just don't ask what it's from!
Hardy fat strips cut from the protection layer of a burrowing creature. Kind of edible but safer to smear on things.
The chemical energy organ of a giant, single celled blob. Very useful in a variety of health concoctions.
Delectable cheese made by and for Hivers addicted to the substance.
Powerful alien fruit that can heal the body and expand the mind but may cause dangerous hallucinations. Illegal on most planets.
A species of Tarka Gourd. Inedible unless cooked. It has served a variety of culinary and ritual purposes in Tarken society.
Small, protein rich dirt grubs raised as a delicacy by the Hiver. Loved by Tarka and Morrigi, mostly held in disgust by Humans.
Delicious Tarka seafood cakes.
A Hiver drybread. Somewhat tasteless but nourishing.
An alien cluster fruit resembling grapes. Makes for delicious jam.
Sure, the feasting bird was delicious but who is going to eat all that's left?
A coarsely ground rare Morrigi spice. Used as a mild Psi stimulant that tastes like an exotic chocolate to Humans. A single fused bar goes for hundreds of credits in Sol Force territories.
What was once delicious gread now is rotting and riddled with mold. Eat at your own risk.
Exotic natural oils that enhance the flavor of anything they are applied to.
A binary pear shaped fruit whose 2 sides creates an exothermic reaction when merged. In nature this helps the seeds make it through snow and frozen earth.
An oversized neuro gland from an alien creature.
A mixture of amino acids in a pre-life state.
A piece of meat cooked with delicious aromatics.
Raw meat of dubious quality.
The meat laden body cavity supporting bone matrix from a large animal of some kind. Humans swear they be damn good eatin'! Cooking is strongly recommended.
A chunk of rotting cheese. Risky to eat. Can cause up to L2 Disease.
A piece of sterilized cheese. Safe to eat.
A piece of meat made safe to eat through the use of a purifier.
A delicious and nutritious native vegetable with the disturbing tendency to grow best near carrion.
Bread... Could use a little butter.
Because putting Star- in front of it keeps you from asking what kind of animal it's from!
As humans spread to the stars, their sacred ritual known as the barbecue went with them, and in the process of discovery they evolved new and delicious glazes.
Circuits meant to store tachyonic potential energy for use in the time and space manipulation devices.
Raw meat with possibly deadly contaminants.
A simple nutrient starch compound used by Tarkasian soldiers for thousands of year. A bit dry and could use some salt.
These chemical bolster the immune system and improve the chance to resist the next disease.
A Liiran treat that is nourishing and can cleanse the body of radioactive and poisonous elements

General/Misc purpose & Uncategorized[]

Name Description Ingredient in Ingredient in (continued)
A large corrosive liquid gland from a living creature.
Small strips of sinew vital to tieing things together.
A piece of bone.
Thin but strong shards of animal bone.
Small but strong pieces of shielding.
Computational systems dedicated to target analysis and movement prediction.
A set of bio-circuits used to connect electronics to living flesh.
A small central control unit capable of controlling a robotic system.
A sample of diseased flesh.
A small pile of random chips, connectors and circuit boards.
An exotic element used in small amounts for anti-gravity and energy manipulation devices.
A vial of complex alien protein molecules.
Thin flexible plates of Graphene used in power systems.
The sharp heavy main claws of a large predator.
Crystalline pieces of Hiver brain.
Extremely shard serpent fangs that are hollowed for the passage of venom.
A sample of highly mutagenic chemicals.
Small computer arrays dedicated to decision making. Like chunks of memory chips.
A collection of optical sensor parts.
A small gland filled with toxic secretions.
The main claw spike from a zuul female.
A collection of tough, ultra sharp teeth from a small predator.
Long extinct fragments of medicinal plant life.
A potent olfactory gland.
A Vial of useful Alien cells.
A portion of flexible computer screen like a plastic sheet of paper.
A specialized auxiliary voice box that allows a creature to emit a hyper sonic signal.
A self contained igniter unit.
Advanced heat sinks that dissipate energy into the upper dimensions.
A small spool of room temperature superconductor wire.
A tube of stable goop that generates intense heat when activated by an electrical charge. Excellent for welding metals together.