Sword of the Stars: The Pit Wiki

Arbuda IV, a rough colony on the edge of human-controlled space. A retirement home for Sol Force veterans from all branches of service.

But peace is not their fate.

A deadly plague breaks out, ravaging the few established cities of Arbuda IV, and turning its population into twisted, horrible ghouls.

There is no cure in human science.

The last desperate hope is a rumor of an ancient alien facility, built by the Suul'ka and hidden high in the savage Feldspar mountains.

If the pit is there, and if you can survive exploring it, you might find the source of this plague... and have a chance at finding a cure.

Maybe it's real. Maybe it's just another tall tale they tell on the rim of known space.

You can't be sure of anything...

...except the fact that every expedition into those mountains has failed to return.

And nothing creates death better than the Suul'ka.