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General information[edit | edit source]


Psionics are abilities introduced in the Mindgames Expansion  that are comparable to spells found in traditional RPGs. They add a wide variety of useful powers vital to surviving in The Pit. Each Class is typically encouraged towards certain "schools" of psionics due to a higher starting score in certain skills or differences in Psi point pool or regen, e.g. Telekinesis for the EngineerManifestion for the PsionResistance for the Ranger and so on.

New abilities are unlocked as you invest into each of the 7 psionic skills. Casting a psionic costs Psi Points, along with 1 to 2 food, and will end your turn. After being used, it will take a certain number of turns before it can be used again. This waiting period is known as "Recharge (Rc)". 

Every class recovers Psi Points after a certain number of ticks. Both the number of ticks between each recovery and the amount of Psi Points that regenerate are based on both the character class and the game Difficulty Setting. The table below is ordered from the class that has the poorest Psi Point regeneration to the best. Please note that game doesn't display fractions for Psi Regeneration but it still counts them.

Psi Point regenerated / every x ticks
Class Easy Normal Hard Insane Seriously
Warrior 2 / 10 1 / 10 0.8 / 10 0.8 / 10 0.5 / 10
Mercenary 4 / 10 2 / 10 1.6 / 10 1.6 / 10 1 / 10
Engineer 4 / 8 2 / 8 1.6 / 8 1.6 / 8 0.5 / 8
Medic 2 / 4
Ranger 6 / 8 3 / 8 2.4 / 8 2.4 / 8 1.5 / 8
Marine 6 / 6 3 / 6 2.4 / 6 2.4 / 6 1.5 / 6
Shepherd 4 / 6 2 / 3 1.6 / 3 1.6 / 3 1 / 3
Scout 8 / 4 4 / 4 3.2 / 4 3.2 / 4 2 / 4
Striker 6 / 2 3 / 2 2.4 / 2 2.4 / 2 1.5 / 2
Psion 10 / 2 5 / 2 4 / 2 4 / 2 2.5 / 2
Seeker 6 / 1 3 / 1 2.4 / 1 2.4 / 1 1.5 / 1

Most Psionics improve in duration as their governing skill increases. The exact duration in turns / moments of most psionics can be viewed in the SotSDex log. Targeted psionics can only be cast within your line of sight but not on an Invisible creature or furniture, with some exceptions (e.g. disguised Adaptoids).

  • The amount of Psi Points at your disposal is equal to your Brains + Power * 2. It can be increased or decreased by serum Bio mods.
  • Most classes also gain psi points from levels: Shepherds gain 6 per level, Psions, Seekers, Strikers, and Scouts gain 5, Marines gain 3, Engineers gain 2, Mercenaries and Rangers gain 1, and Warriors gain 0.
  • Power has no direct effect on the strength of psionics, but more psi points does allow for certain potent combos and more frequent use of low-cost psionics. Whether a creature resists certain offensive psionics or not is checked through your 'psi skills' or power (depending ob ability).
  • Cyborg creatures can be targeted by Psionics which affect Mecha and Organic, but the resulting effect tends to be less effective.
  • Being afflicted by the Pain status effect strips you of any Psionic protection or "buff" you currently have, and prevents you from using any psionics.
  • Stim Towers and Master Minds grant immunity against Status Effects to all creatures within the room. Thus, a Fear would do nothing while a Shrapnel Storm would cause damage, but never Paralyze. Indoctrinators on the other hand cause you to be much more vulnerable to offensive enemy psionics.
  • The terms "entry level" or "entry point" simply refers to the number you need to reach to unlock a psi skill's first ability, e.g. "Empathy and Resistance have an entry point of 15".

Empathy[edit | edit source]

This psionic school focuses on support abilities. The low entry skill of

15 makes it a good all-around choice, but it is best paired with another school, especially after acquiring Psi Drain. It has everything a Scout needs

Ability Skill Cost Rc Description Notes
15 skill 55 psi

30 turns

Marks all Organic/Cyborg creatures on your

screen and on the map for 36 turns.

Reveals disguised Adaptoids and 

invisible creatures. Does not help

against "Blind". Useful when affected

by Madness Trap - It doesn't mark

illusions. Should be

used often.

45 skill 80 psi

3 turns

Fears an Organic/Cyborg creature for 6-15 turns. On successful roll has 50% chance to Paralyze it instead.

Success chance depends on your and enemy's Power.
65 skill 25 psi 10 turns Drains Psi points from a creature, provided it has any to begin with and that it hasn't used or lost it already

Low cost, very efficient way to refill your Psi points.

Success chance depends on your and enemy's Power.

The max amount drained per cast is linked to your empathy skill -  a cast with 92 skill would drain a max of 92 Psi.

85 skill 145 psi 50 turns Disguises you into a nearby creature for [Empathy / 10] turns (rounded up)*. Same effect as Image-Inducer belt Prevents resting, and attacking a creature cancels the effect.

*When enemies use this ability they become immune to behaviour altering status effects like Paralyze. It is unkown wether or not this is a bug.

Telekinesis[edit | edit source]

This skill offers a solid mix of physical offense, defense and utility abilities. Proves invaluable for psi-heavy builds when dealing with mechs and psi-resistant creatures. Both TK fist and Shrapnel storm rarely fail to get their targets. Shrapnel storm can paralyze those hard to get enemies, and also happens to be the most effective disabling ability in the game. And when that alone is not enough TK fist can help to further decrease the number of hard-to-control enemies. It is vital to playing an effective Psion and helpful for the Marine & Engineer. Manipulation offers a much safer way to open containers, disarm traps and repair devices (watch yourself with the disintegrators though, as their "disintegration" negative outcome can still get you). TK Fist and Deflect help you preserve quite a bit of ammo & durability over the course of the game.  
Ability Skill Cost Rc Description Notes
25 skill 25 psi 15 turns

Allows any interaction from a distance.  

Use Arrow keys to target.

You can still be Stunned by

a device, but explosions will not harm you so long as you are far enough. Can be used to close doors from a distance.

40 skill 50 psi 5 turns Single-target damage from any range, but poor against armored creatures. Damage, penetration and knockback scale with Telekinesis.

A successful roll will knock back the target. Try to memorize which creatures have low armor, so you can save ammo against them.

65 skill 50 psi 100 turns Increases your chance of being "missed" for [Telekinesis / 2] turns:
  • [Telekinesis / 3] % against melee attacks
  • [Telekinesis / 4] % against ballistic attacks
  • [Telekinesis / 6] % against energy attacks
Effective against ranged creatures, especially when combined with other accuracy penalties.
75 skill 70 psi 5 turns Paralyzes a target and causes moderate damage for 3 turns. Damage scales with skill level, but has static penetration of 60. Paralysis has 100% chance unless target has immnuity to Paralysis or it is in a room with Stim Tower or Master Mind. Damage will always happen. 

War Mind[edit | edit source]

The War Mind discipline concentrates on turning the strength of Organic creatures against them, whether you turn a battle into a free-for-all with Berserker or use Life Drain on a creature with high health. While the skill has a high entry point of 30, it complements the Shepherd & Lich favored play-style fairly well.
Ability Skill Cost Rc Description Notes
30 50 psi 5 turns Causes Berserk onto an Organic creature. Like all Status Effect psionics, your success % improves with your skill.
60 60 psi 4 turns Causes Paralysis onto an Organic creature. Better recharge, cost and overall effectiveness than the Fear psionic.
75 100 psi 30 turns Damages an Organic creature and heals you for part of the damage dealt. Works well against high armor low health mobs.
99 150 psi 50 turns Attempts to turn an Organic creature into a companion until death or approx. 15 turns.  Successfully using this ability will make the targeted Organic or Cyborg a temporary ally.

Redaction[edit | edit source]

A passive survival skill that benefits well from every point invested past entry level. It is most suited to the Psion, Seeker and Scout, thanks to their high amount of skill points. You can get Heal and then let it improve through use as you build up a more offensive psionic skill. You can also invest all the way into it if you foresee a lot of resting and hunger issues. Due to their delayed benefits and cost, the last 2 abilities are best used outside of combat and/or with effects that improve psi point restoration.
Ability Skill Cost Rc Description Notes
20 50 psi 15 turns

Restores 18.75 + (1.25 * Redaction) health.
(25 redaction results in 50 hp heal)

Lowers the need to carry

certain medical items.

45 75 psi 5 turns Cures one Lvl. from one condition, or the whole condition if it has no Lvl. Cures Blind and Madness too, so you can safely test door traps. Doesn't cure the "Slow" status though.
65 100 psi 100 turns Reduces hunger rate by a fixed amount. Lasts an amount of turns equal to your Redaction skill. Effective when combined with Resting.
80 100 psi 100 turns Grants additional passive health regen. Lasts an amount of turns equal to your Redaction skill. Best combined with other regeneration effects.                                        

Manifestation[edit | edit source]

A psi-heavy school. The first skill becomes available at 50, and auto-leveling only realy starts at 60. On top of this, the real worth of this skill doesn't unlock untill 90. At that point though you'll really start to reap your benefits. Manifestation focuses on enhancing your ability to survive in The Pit by lowering the need to raise certain skills or find new supplies. It does feature an offensive AoE ability in the form of Fire.
Ability Skill Cost Rc Description Notes
50 80 psi 80 turns Creates food which grants you +30 food.

Combined with Metabolism

Controlmakes a full rest

almost free. 

60 50 psi 2 turns Causes Fire and damage in Flamethrower-style area.

Highly effective against creatures with low armor.

Can damage a specter. Combined with a disabling ability from another skill tree (or sometimes even by itself), this allows to kill specters without any energy weapons.

80 60 psi 2 turns

Deals 200 damage to  Objects or obstacles, including doors.  

It is helpful to use this to destroy Masterminds, Indoctrinators, Stim Towers and Manufacturing Bays. 

90 200 psi 150 turns

Checks Manifestation skill to copy an item. @ Skill Level 100 there is an aprox. 50% chance you succeed, 40% chance for a failed attempt or 10% chance to destroy the item with an explosion which damages 2 items in your inventory with durability.

Maximum chance is ~55%.

Similar to a 4D Copier, only works on items which take 1 square in your inventory.                                                                                                                              

Mecha Empathy[edit | edit source]

This Psionic skill-branch offers additional ways to deal with Mecha creatures. While Telekinesis offers an option to dispose of non-organic targets, Mechs are often too strong and too numerous to be left alone or momentarily disabled, as well as the fact that most other Psi abilities will not work on non-organics, thus giving Mecha Empathy a place to help in this department. However, most of the abilities of this branch are very expensive, and since they are mech-exclusive in terms of effects, the worth of investing in such a psi-branch is questionable, and should only be taken if you are encountering high amounts of mechs. One ability that deserves a separate mention is Mechasense; Even if you are not planning to rely on this skill as a whole, just knowing where the mechs are can be invaluable. And if you are planning to use this skill extensively, be sure that your psionic regeneration can handle the strain it brings.
Ability Skill Cost Rc Description Notes
20 55 psi 30 turns

Marks all Mecha creatures 

on your screen and on the

map. Use before entering

security and repair rooms.

Reveals invisible

Cyborgs.Does not

help against "Blind".

45 135 psi 80 turns Causes Unconscious to a Mecha creature for 3-5 turns. Note that being Unconscious also multiplies damage taken. Success rate depends on skill level only.
65 100 psi 50 turns A large explosion (4 range) which does high damage to all Mecha creatures caught in it. 25% damage VS Cyborgs. Damage depends on Mecha's max HP and distance from the target point. Powerful, but damage is applied after a 1 turn delay.
75 170 psi 50 turns Attempts to turn a Mechanical creature into a companion until death or [Mecha Empathy / 10] turns.  Success rate is based on skill level and target's remaining health.

Resistance[edit | edit source]

 A versatile defensive skill accessible to all classes. Psi Shield is your best defense against Fear. You can invest in it solely for Psi Armor, which is particularly effective for the Marine Ranger. Invisibility and Reflect are more situational, but have some interesting combo potential with certain other psionics.
Ability Skill Cost Duration Rc Description Notes
15 35 psi Resistance/2

60 turns

Grants near-immunity to all offensive Psionics.

Depending on difficulty, it

may be a good idea to use

this psionic everytime it's up

to increase your Resistance

skill in early floors.

35 65 psi 50 turns 75 turns

Increases armor by ~0.3 per Resistance skill.

May help prevent durability damage to your equipped armor.
55 100 psi Resistance/10 100 turns

Makes you invisible for a short time, at least to creatures who aren't aware of your presence yet. 

See Stealth for more details.

Can be used to loot

some containers without

having to fight.  

80 200 psi Resistance/2 150 turns

Grants a small chance to

reflect each ranged attack 

received back at the 


The high psi cost means this ability is best used when under fire from several creatures.
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