Sword of the Stars: The Pit Wiki

Character Introduction[]


Enoch is a Prester Zuul, a holy warrior sworn to protect and serve. As a Shepherd, his powerful charisma gives him a chance to subordinate any Zuul he encounters to his will. He has come to the Pit to bring salvation to the people of Arbuda, thwart the Bloodweaver and destroy his depraved minions, and to redeem his own soul. Born of Blood, he is now a pilgrim seeking a higher path.

Class Introduction[]

New with The Pilgrim DLC.

Starting Equipment[]

Initial Stats[]

  • 3 Move point (osmium edition)
  • 25 Might
  • 50 Finesse
  • 80 Brains
  • 90 Power
  • 3 movement
  • 0 base armor
  • 54 Inventory size (42 + Might / 10, rounded down, x 6)

Initial Bar Stats[]

  • 35 HP
  • 337 Psi points
  • 375 Food (15x Might), Shepherd gets 15 Food per Might instead of the usual 10

Initial Skills[]

  • Lockpick: 30
  • Electronics: 15
  • Mechanical: 15
  • Computer: 45
  • Engineering: 1
  • Pistol: 55
  • Rifle: 35
  • Aslt Weapon: 30
  • Hvy Weapon: 1
  • Decipher: 55
  • Knife:55
  • Blade: 60
  • Spear: 30
  • Traps: 30
  • Medical: 20
  • Melee: 10
  • Foraging: 65
  • Biotech: 35
  • Empathy: 35
  • Telekinesis: 10
  • War Mind: 50
  • Redaction: 30
  • Manifestation: 10
  • Mecha Empathy: 2
  • Resistance: 25

Level-up Stats[]

  • +15 Health
  • +6 Psi points
  • +1 Stat point
  • +6 Skill points

General tips[]

  • Shepherd has high food consumption rate. Manage your time/food well
  • Shepherd recovers 2 psi per tic, so don't expect to spam psi like with the psion. As of 1.5.2, the Shepard DOES gain 6 Psi points per level. However as psi costs have also been raised across the board, this won't go too far.  
  • Psi Drain in the Empathy tree is key if you want to use psi powers more often. 
  • You are highly resistant to disease. Much more so than your low might score suggests. This is consistent with the Lore of the wider SotS-verse, as Zuul are immune to the bio-weapons that can be used against the other races. The Sheperd CAN become diseased, but it is rare. Because of this, items that only remove disease levels are less valuble and potentially a waste of inventory space.
  • You can still be poisoned at the normal rate. 
  • Your unique dominate power will turn any zuul not stated to be male into a friendly ally that will follow you between levels until its death. You can only have one dominated ally at a time though, using the power again will free the previous dominated. These bodyguards are useful, but be aware that enemies they kill will not give you xp.
  • Despite visual numbers indicating damage, the Shepherd does not seem to take any damage from biological spills in the case of failed skill checks on e.g. Bio Pods, thus even futile attempts are without risk.

Hard/Insane/Seriously?! tips[]

  • Level your Melee Skill early
  • Minimize resting, roaming around the map and backtracking to minimize food consumption.