Sword of the Stars: The Pit Wiki

Take control of Azraeus the Defiler, a servant of The Immortal, one of the ancient and mysterious Suul'ka! Raised from the dead and promised new life in a new body, Azraeus is determined to fulfill his mission: clear out The Pit and steal the cure to the Xombie plague. As dangerous as any Horde Zuul warrior, Azraeus is a unique Character with powers and abilities never before seen in the Pit.



  • New playable character, Azraeus the Defiler!
  • Raise undead minions to aid you!
  • Soul Crush your enemies as fuel for your psychic powers!
  • Enjoy immunity to poison, disease, even hunger! But keep an eye on your psionic power - when it's gone, you're gone!
  • New recipes!
  • New weapons!
  • New items!
  • New monsters!
  • New achievements!


  • It's Alive! - You have created 100 necrominions.
    • Create 100 undead minions at tech tables/cookers across multiple playthroughs.
  • I don't drink... wine. - Drain 2000 health from enemies.
    • Can also be achieved by using Lifedrain from War Mind on any character.
  • Pit Affective Disorder - You have crushed the souls of 50 enemies.
    • Kill 50 organics using Soul Crush.