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The Pit: The Board Game

A harrowing raid on the deadliest mad science facility in the galaxy! Inspired by the hit dungeon-crawler video game!


AS of January 24th, 2018, THE PIT: The Board Game is being Kickstarted. You can go pledge here: THE PIT: The Board Game. And after you pledge, be sure to spread the word. The more press and attention the Kickstarter can get, the more stretch goals can be met!


On the distant world of Arbuda IV lies THE PIT - a diabolical alien super-laboratory where the most insane scientific experiments in the galaxy are conducted.

The agents of SOLFORCE have been given a mission - infiltrate THE PIT and destroy the alien mastermind in command!


THE PIT: The Board Game is a sci-fi dungeon-crawler adventure set in the SWORD OF THE STARS universe of video games!

  • Explore the monster infested rooms of THE PIT!
  • BATTLE over 50 types of the most lethal alien monsters in the galaxy, including classic creatures from the SWORD OF THE STARS games!
  • Defeat your foes and clear rooms to acquire LOOT! Over 400 item cards are yours for the taking! Equip your characters with the WEAPONS, ARMOR, and other items you discover to better your chances of survival!
  • Once you’ve cleared a floor, move on to the next one! The deeper you go, the more powerful the enemies, and the greater the rewards!
  • Reach the FINAL FLOOR and face down the LORD OF THE PIT himself and his army of monsters! It’s KILL OR BE KILLED!
  • THE PIT is designed for 1-4 players, ages 12 and up! Conquering the FINAL FLOOR is a true achievement, and players can continue the game even after the LORD OF THE PIT is slain for more adventure and bigger challenges!