Sword of the Stars: The Pit Wiki

FIrst time using this feature.  I'm assuming that someone viewing my edits can come by and see this...  Anyway as per the title, I've been tracking the skill requirement needed to do a recipe and posted the ones I'm confident in to the wiki's recipies list.  Remember that the skill applied is a combination of stat and skill so though you can't have a skill alone be over 100 with the stat it's possible.  To understand how it works - take the skill requirement and compare it to your skill, you want the blue number as that includes the stat enhancment to that skill.  Simply subtract your skill from the required skill.  Lets say you want to make a mine trap and your traps skill is 30.  Recipies says you need 65.  To figure out your percentage chance simply follow this formula: 100-(need-have) or using the example: 100-(65-35) -> 100-30 -> 70.  Meaning the example has setup has a 70% chance of success.  Remember that the need is based on 100% but nothing in the game is certain so even if your skill is much greater than needed the chance is stuck at 99%, or to put it another way, there is always a 1% chance of failure.

I've also been tracking the skills needed to use items but not really sure where to put that info on the wiki.  I might have put the explanation above on the recipies list, but again I'm not sure where it'd go well, that page is so well organized.