Sword of the Stars: The Pit Wiki


I'd like to let the contributors to this Wikia know that I'm doing what I can to revive the Sword of the Stars fanbase. I'm a moderator over on /r/sots and I'm trying to get this generalized SotS Wikia up and running. It is my intent to link across to this Wikia whenever it's relevant to do so on the general Wikia like on this article about the Liir , I don't think I can do a better job on The Pit articles than you guys have already done. Also, feel free to drop by the subreddit and contribute to the discussions. I've got an informal commentary series where I write about SotS1 gameplay that might spark an old flame.

My reasoning behind making a big umbrella is that there frankly aren't that many SotS fans left. In order for there to be any enjoyable critical mass of discussion and information sharing, we need to have a big tent policy. I hope that we can all enjoy these old games together for many years to come.